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The Next big Energy Takeover Play

The Permian basin is one of the most active oil and gas regions. Over the last year, over 30 billion barrels of oil have come out of the ground in West Texas and New Mexico, and the experts expect that there are still another 30 billion barrels remaining.

All the major oil and gas companies are in the basin. All of them want more acreage and assets in the Permian. The desire for more spawned over $100 billion in M&A deals in the regions in 2023.

There is more to come.

The next wave will not just be the big Explorations and Production companies.

This time, there will be competition in the logistics and transportation companies that move oil and gas around.

It will be the companies that store oil and gas.

The companies that provide drilling services to the industry will also see consolidation.

The scale will matter, and the only way to gain scale in the oil and gas industry is consolidation.

Consolidation means huge profits for investors who know how to find takeover candidates.

I do, so let me show you…

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