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Top 4 Software Stocks Investors Want – Buy or Hold?

The software market has been experiencing significant growth due to the increasing digital transformation across various industries globally. Thus, it could be wise to invest in fundamentally strong software stocks ServiceNow, Inc. (NOW), Clear Secure, Inc. (YOU), CSG Systems International, Inc. (CSGS), and Semrush Holdings, Inc. (SEMR). Enterprises worldwide are increasingly seeking advanced software solutions […]

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The Best Way to Get Double-Digit Income from ETFs

We launched our new ETF Income Edge two months ago, and the response has been tremendous. I want to share with you what we do at ETF Income Edge—maybe what we do will help you invest better.

ETF Income Edge provides research and recommendations in the new world of what I call option strategy ETFs. You may have also seen them referred to as covered-call ETFs.

The number and popularity of these funds have exploded. From assets of around $7 billion a couple of years ago, covered-call ETFs now hold over $70 billion of investor money.

Once you look at some of these funds, the appeal is obvious. The funds pay between very attractive (think 12% to 15%) and massive (over 100%!) yields.

Of course, the massive yields raise the “Is this too good to be true?” question. Answering that is what ETF Income Edge is all about…

This group of funds uses a wide range of options strategies with a host of underlying assets. If you have studied or done any options trading, you know there are hundreds of ways to combine options contracts to achieve targeted investment outcomes.

Covered-call options trading involves owning an underlying asset and selling calls against that asset. While the concept of covered-call writing is simple, there is a myriad of ways to employ the strategy.

Fund companies have the advantage of being able to employ securities and options strategies that are not available to individual investors.

While the opportunity to invest in these high-yield funds is exciting, there are a number of factors an investor should consider before buying shares.

The strategies employed by these funds can be complicated. The strategies are laid out in the fund prospectuses, and it takes some digging, reading, and a deep knowledge of how options work to understand how a fund should perform.

Many of the funds have very short track records. Often less than a year or only a few months. Only time will prove out which of the covered call ETFs are managed to provide superior returns.

The range of fund types in the group can be overwhelming. The 80 or so funds in my database are divided into 18 categories. The categories cover the types of underlying assets and the option strategies the funds have chosen to employ.

As I started learning about these funds, I realized there is a need for actionable information about the covered call ETF universe.

We launched ETF Income Edge two months ago. With the service, we provide researched information on the funds, updates on new funds hitting the market, and a recommendations list of the best funds to buy now.

The response from investors has been tremendous! The ETF Income Edge subscriber base has exploded and continues to grow every day. If you are interested in earning 20%, 40%, or even 70% yields from an ETF, you need to check out ETF Income Edge – more on how to do that below.

This is as easy as investing in any stock…No special privileges or account access is required!And you’re instantly signed up to receive an up to 26.2% dividend yield. PAID MONTHLY!With a $25,000 stake, your life would change seriously instantly. We’re talking over $5,000 per year in your pocket the first year you’re invested.Click here now before you miss out

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4 Bullish Airliner Stocks to Consider – Buy or Watch?

With the growing demand across passenger and air cargo segments due to rising international trade, increasing urbanization, and economic growth, the airline industry is experiencing substantial expansion. Further, with government initiatives toward upgrading airline infrastructures, the market will grow significantly. Given the industry tailwinds, fundamentally sound Airline stocks SkyWest, Inc. (SKYW), International Consolidated Airlines Group

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SoundHound AI’s Market Potential: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

SoundHound AI, Inc. (SOUN) is a leading global company specializing in conversational intelligence. The company provides advanced voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that enable businesses to offer exceptional conversational experiences to their customers.
SOUN’s technology, developed in-house, delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy across multiple languages. These solutions cater to various industries, including automotive, TV, IoT, and customer service.
With only a market cap of roughly $1.47 billion, the sound recognition and voice assistant technology company has garnered solid attention from investors lately. The company’s shares have climbed a whopping 169.5% over the past three months and 125% year-to-date.
But why?
In February, chip giant and a key beneficiary of the AI boom, NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), made its inaugural 13-F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), unveiling new holdings in five small AI companies. Among these five companies, NVDA’s stake in SOUN, as of December 31, 2023, was valued at approximately $3.67 million.
Despite being ranked fourth among the five companies in terms of investment, SOUN experienced the most significant spike in its shares as a result of this news. However, this is not the first time SOUN has received investments from NVDA.
In 2017, NVDA participated in a $75 million venture round investment in SOUN. Moreover, SOUN entered the public market through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) in 2022, with NVDA acknowledged in its presentation as a strategic investor.
Beyond investments, the chip maker also engaged in strategic partnerships with SOUN. Last month, SOUN announced a groundbreaking in-vehicle voice assistant powered by a large language model (LLM) on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.
This innovative technology operates entirely offline, expanding generative AI’s reach beyond cloud connectivity. The collaboration between SOUN and NVDA aims to deploy generative AI in more places and situations. NVIDIA DRIVE enables SOUN’s Chat AI to offer responses without connectivity, enhancing in-car voice experiences.
Rishi Dhall, NVDA’s Vice President of Automotive, emphasized the collaboration with innovative partners like SOUN to integrate generative AI and accelerated computing into vehicles, enhancing the customer experience and bolstering safety on the road.
The in-vehicle voice interface developed by SOUN, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE, promises to deliver rapid and precise information to drivers, even in offline scenarios.
Meanwhile, despite garnering significant attention from investors, the company’s financial performance is not meeting expectations. In its recent quarterly results, the company reported a significant 80% year-over-year jump in revenue, reaching $17.15 million.
However, despite this massive jump, the company’s top-line figure fell short of analysts’ estimates of $17.75 million for the same quarter. The company remained unprofitable in the fourth quarter, reporting a loss of $0.07 per share.
While its bottom line saw a slight improvement from the loss per share of $0.15 in the prior-year quarter, it remained higher than Wall Street’s estimate of $0.06 loss per share. Also, it reported an adjusted EBITDA loss of $3.68 million during the same quarter.
Looking ahead, management anticipates SOUN’s fiscal year 2024 to fall within the range of $63 million to $77 million, with a midpoint target set at $70 million, which is roughly 53% higher than the $45.87 million revenue generated in the fiscal year 2023. Moreover, for the fiscal year 2025, management projects revenue to surpass $100 million and finally achieve a positive adjusted EBITDA.
Bottom Line
Apart from the company’s less-than-stellar fourth-quarter performance, SOUN encountered a setback earlier this week after announcing a $150 million stock sale. The initial $55 million raised is intended for general corporate purposes and working capital, potentially including acquisitions. Any funds exceeding $55 million will be used to repay debt.
While investors may find this news alarming, given the company’s substantial losses, it’s crucial to recognize that SOUN is currently in a growth phase. It’s actively pursuing significant acquisition initiatives and expanding its AI solutions across various industries.
For instance, in 2023, the company entered full production for its integrated generative AI voice assistant with automaker Stellantis’ DS Automobiles, set to be deployed across all models in 13 languages across 18 countries. Additionally, SOUN introduced its Chat AI pilots in Europe with three automotive brands, Peugeot, Opel, and Vauxhall.
Furthermore, the company made waves in the restaurant industry in 2023, with over 100 customers adopting its AI solutions. Given the company’s strategic expansion efforts across several industries, SOUN’s financial standing could witness major improvements in the forthcoming years.
While the immediate impact of SOUN’s financial performance and stock sale may raise concerns, the company’s strategic initiatives and partnerships suggest that it is well-positioned for long-term growth and success in this rapidly evolving AI landscape.
Adding to the optimism is, of course, NVDA’s stakes in SOUN, signaling the chip giant’s confidence in the company’s technology and potential for growth. To that end, it could be wise for investors to scoop up SOUN’s shares for potential gains.

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3 Affordable Pharma Stocks to Buy for Portfolio Gains

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a transformative boom, leveraging digital platforms, big data analytics, cloud computing, and AI to drive innovation. Moreover, the growing demand for personalized drugs and increased R&D activities should give an additional boost to the already burgeoning industry. Therefore, fundamentally robust pharma stocks ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ACAD), Astellas Pharma Inc. (ALPMY),

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Investors Alley by TIFIN

The Three Things You Should Be Doing About Yesterday’s Inflation “Surprise”

How about yesterday’s inflation numbers? One thing is for sure. The stock market hated the fact that inflation was running much hotter than the economists and experts expected. The stickiness of inflation is causing investors to rethink the risks and rewards of investing in stocks. So, what should you be doing now? There are three

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3 Telecom Gems for Portfolio Diversification

The telecom sector’s prospects look promising due to expanding 5G networks, higher spending on 5G infrastructure, the growth of the digital economy, and the growing usage of smartphones. Telecom companies focus heavily on security, cloud technology, AI, and better collaboration tools to meet diverse connectivity needs, contributing to their positive outlook. Considering these factors, it

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The High-Yield Stock for Energy Investing

Since breaking out of its $65 to less than $80 per barrel trading range, WTI crude oil has continued to trend higher, and as I write this, it is trading near $86 per barrel. The investing public is gaining interest in the energy sector, and as crude prices keep rising, so will energy stocks.

With a $473 billion market cap, Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) is the largest company in the energy sector. Exxon Mobil is an integrated energy producer, which means it operates across the full spectrum of energy production, from drilling oil wells to selling retail fuels and lubricants.

Exxon Mobil is a Dividend Aristocrat with 25 years of dividend growth but currently yields only 3.2%.

So let me show you a better way of getting yield from Exxon…

The YieldMax ETF family of funds takes popular large-cap stocks and packages them into an ETF that employs a covered call strategy to enhance the income earned from the specified stocks. Covered call trading involves selling call options on the underlying stock. Selling calls generates cash income.

Covered call trading can significantly increase the income earned from stocks. The primary downside of call option selling is that the calls cap the potential share price appreciation.

Covered call selling and the YieldMax ETFs perform best (outperforming the underlying stocks) when share prices are flat to moderately appreciating. The majority of the YieldMax ETFs cover the popular large-cap tech stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Meta. Somehow, an energy stock snuck into the mix, and that stock is Exxon Mobil.

The fund is the YieldMax XOM Option Income Strategy ETF (XOMO). Based on the most recent dividend, XOMO yields 16.5%. The fund sells monthly call options and pays monthly dividends.

Also, XOMO trades for about $19 per share compared to $120 per share for XOM. For smaller investors, the lower share price provides an opportunity to invest.

The energy sector is hot, and rising crude oil prices should keep company share prices strong. XOMO offers a chance to participate in the share price appreciation and earn an outstanding cash yield at the same time.

If you want to enjoy a new income stream instantly…You simply have to buy and hold THIS—it’s NOT a single stock or bond, and you don’t have to do any options trading—it’s a brand new way to enjoy yields as high as 26.2%…If you have $25,000, you’re set. That can turn into $11,162 per year by holding.Click here now to get in before the next payout

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Is Citigroup (C) Poised for a Rebound After Earnings?

Citigroup Inc. (C) is set to unveil its first-quarter results on April 12. Wall Street anticipates a year-over-year decline in the bank’s earnings and revenue. With C’s results expected shortly, I have discussed why waiting for an opportune entry point in the stock could be wise. For the first quarter, C’s EPS and revenue are expected

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